Forthcoming AfN Endorsed CPD Activities
The following learning activities have been approved by independent assessors as having met the standards required for AfN CPD Endorsement:

15 May 2019   AfN Regional Event (EN189)
Yorkshire & Humberside
Leeds Beckett Universtity

21-23 May 2019   University of Aberdeen (EN171)
Advanced Course in Dietary Assessment Methods

 25 June 2019   Yakult UK Ltd (EN185)
Latest insights into the gut microbiota and health: from research to practice

Ongoing Events with no fixed dates 

Next date to be announced.  Endorsed until 26/9/19   Monash University (EN143)
Food as Medicine:  Food and Inflammation

Various dates and topics, endorsed until 20/2/21   Nutrition Society (EN182)
Nutrition Society Journal Club
Please access your "my benefits" within your Nutrition Society members area

Various dates and topics, endorsed until 10/9/20   Nutrition Society (EN175)

Training endorsed to Aug 2020
  The Nutrition Society (EN174)
Statistics for Nutrition Research

Training endorsed to March 2021

Nutr-Insight (EN188)
Why Wait to Talk About Weight? How to successfully raise the issue of weight with children and families
(available online or in-house)

Training endorsed to Sep 2019   Susan Church Nutrition (EN089)
Recipe Analysis: Maximising Accuracy

Training endorsed to Oct 2019     London Centre for Intuitive Eating (EN151)
Intuitive Eating

23-25 May 2017
Various dates
Various dates
Training endorsed to Aug 2018
Training endorsed to Aug 2018
Training endorsed to Aug 2018
Previous AfN Endorsed CPD
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