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We are a registered charity that holds the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN). 

Our purpose is to protect and benefit the public by defining and advancing standards of evidence-based practice across the field of nutrition and at all levels within the workforce.


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The Association for Nutrition (AfN) defines and advances standards of evidence-based practice across the field of nutrition and at all levels within the workforce.  We protect and benefit the public by:

·           Championing Registered Nutritionists (RNutr), whose entry onto the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) is an assurance that they meet our rigorous standards of competence and professionalism.

·           Supporting frontline health and social care workers with essential tools enabling individuals to evaluate and enhance their competence to use nutrition safely and competently in their practice.

·           Recognising high quality, relevant nutrition training through our Course Accreditation, CPD Endorsement and Certification schemes.

Nutrition Professionals - Differences and Similarities

Click here to find out all about the different qualification requirements, scope of practices, regulators and professional bodies for Registered Nutritionists and Registered Associate Nutritionists, Dietitians and Nutritional Therapists.

UKVRN Registration
UKVRN Registered Nutritionists work at many levels across academia, NHS, charity, policy, public health, animal, research and food sectors. 

All UKVRN registrants (a Registered Associate Nutritionists and Registered Nutritionists) must demonstrate knowledge and understanding (at degree level or above) of five areas of core competencies in nutrition science and (for Registered Nutritionists) their application of this knowledge in one of five specialist areas: Public Health, Sports and Exercise, Nutrition Science, Food and Animal Nutrition. 

For more information on applying for registration please click here
Interested in studying nutrition?

For advice from Public Health England's Chief Nutritionist on the qualifications and experience required to be a Registered Nutritionist, please read Dr Tedstone's blog post here.

Students intending to join the UKVRN as a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) via Direct Entry Application must complete a university-level undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme accredited by AfN. For a list of AfN Accredited programmes please see here. Applicants from a non-AfN-accredited degree programme must submit a portfolio application.

If you are not ready to undertake a degree in nutrition science, but would like to undertake a short course as in introduction to nutrition science and/or to support your work, make sure it's Certified by the AfN. AfN Certified Courses have demonstrated that they meet our rigorous standards for both course content and education standards. A full list of AfN Certified courses is available here.

Both NHS Choices and NHS Careers provide further information on careers for AfN Registered Nutritionists.

Nutrition news in Tweets
Nutrition news from the web - please note that the content of these tweets are NOT endorsed by the AfN, nor do they necessarily represent the opinions of either the AfN or UKVRN Registrants.
AfN Noticeboard


UKVRN Registrants are invited to stand for election to the AfN Council as a Member of Council/Trustee (renewable 3yr term of office).

Nominations are also welcomed for the Honorary Officer roles of Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Chair of Council (renewable 1yr term of office).

Nomination forms can be downloaded here and must be received no later than 12pm on Monday 25th September 2017.


Please note, that due to a change in the administrative procedures and increased assessment cost, the fee for portfolio applications and transfer increased on 21st August 2017.

For information on the revised fees please click here 


We are currently recruiting for the following role:

     * Registration Manager

For more information please click here


We now have a new telephone system to direct your calls to the appropriate contact more efficiently.

The new number is: 020 3795 8823

Please update your records as our old number is no longer active.  


The AfN currently accredits 47 undergraduate and 25 postgraduate programmes. These degrees support the development of nutritionists’ skills through the delivery of evidence-based nutrition education to a professional level. Students completing an accredited degree programme have the right to apply for direct entry at Registered Associate level to the UKVRN, which entitles them to use the letters ANutr after their names.

Current Undergraduate Degree Accredited Programmes

Current Postgraduate Degree Accredited Programmes


AfN Certified Courses are ideal for individuals who deliver nutrition information to the public at level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+ on the Public Health and Skills Careers Framework and wish to update or extend their nutrition knowledge, but are not looking to train to the level required to be a registered Nutritionist. Courses are certified against competences set for those working/volunteering/interested in either Health & Social Care, Fitness & Leisure or Catering.

Please note this scheme certifies the courses, not the individuals who complete them and do not result in any AfN-recognised professional title such as certified diet advisor, fitness coach, nutrition advisor or equivalent.

Full listing of AfN Certified Courses


8 & 12 Sep 2017 - Susan Church Nutrition, Recipe Analysis: Maximising Accuracy, London

13-15 Sep 2017 - University of Leeds, The Leeds Course in Clinical Nutrition, Leeds

14 Sep 2017 - The Nutrition Society, Advanced Statistics for Nutrition Research, London

22 Sep 2017 - SENSE Nutritional Genomics and Brexit, London

25 Sep-8 Oct 2017 - Monash University, Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy, Online

26 Sep 2017 - The Nutrition Society, Nutritional Genomics: Essential basics for nutrition and health professionals, Webinar

30 Sep 2017 -
 Mac-Nutrition Uni, MNU Fat Loss Conference, Loughborough

9 - 22 Oct 2017 - 
Monash University, Food as Medicine: Foods and InflammationOnline

25 Oct 2017 - 
Oatly, Sustainable eating – why, what and how, Free Webinar

31 Oct 2017 - 
The Nutrition Society, Introduction to Food Policy, London

21-23 Nov 2017 - FM Global Ltd, 
Food Matters Live 2017, London

Click here for 
Full listing of forthcoming AfN Endorsed CPD

College for Nutrition/Fitness Industry Training

Please note courses offered by Fitness Industry Training/College for Nutrition are not accredited or endorsed by AfN and do not lead to UKVRN Registration as a Registered Nutritionist.

College for Nutrition/Fitness Industry Training

Please note courses offered by Fitness Industry Training/College for Nutrition are not accredited or endorsed by AfN and do not lead to UKVRN Registration as a Registered Nutritionist.

College for Nutrition/Fitness Industry Training



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